DEVILTIME goes online: Belgian Red Devils get Roblox game


Fans of the Red Devils, Belgium’s men’s national football team, can explore an all-new virtual world dedicated to their heroes on the online game platform Roblox.

The platform is most popular with 8-to16-year-olds and offers the possibility for users to not only play games but also to program them, and to play games programmed by other users.

The Roblox world dedicated to Belgium’s squad is called “DEVILTIME” and is described as “a football-crazy place” with all sorts of minigames. The digital environment includes a big stadium and several smaller pitches where players can take on sportive challenges to win points. These points are represented as flames and tridents.

There is something for everyone in DEVILTIME, as players can vary those minigames with a concert by Oscar and the Wolf, an electropop group from Ghent centred around singer Max Colombie. Their song “Warrior” is Belgium’s official song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The developers have therefore included a concert hall in their Roblox world, on top of the stadium and other sports areas.

The virtual world was developed by Yondr, a Belgian agency based in Beveren, near Antwerp. They specialise in immersive technology and have won an award in 2019 for a virtual reality film about the Port of Antwerp, beating major players like 20th Century Fox.

The VR agency had already produced a Roblox world with Belgian fashion chain JBC in collaboration with singer Camille, making her the first Belgian pop star to have a virtual concert.