Dany Boon, honorary citizen of the City of Tournai


On 12 February 2018, the famous French actor Dany Boon became an honorary citizen of the city of Tournai. The ceremony preceded the screening of the actor's latest film, "La Ch’tite famille", at the Tournai Imagix cinema complex.

Born in Armentières (Nord department of France), Daniel Hamidou, better known by his stage name "Dany Boon", is French by birth but perhaps also a little bit Belgian by adoption. One thing is certain, namely that he has been an honorary citizen of the City of Tournai since 12 February.

Was this a random choice? Not at all! Although he currently lives in Uccle, a long history binds the French actor to the City of Tournai. It was in this city in Hainaut, not far from the French border, that the actor studied graphic arts at the Institut Saint-Luc, and it was also the Tournai TV channel "No Télé" that broadcast his very first television sketch.

With his new film, "La Ch’tite famille", which is heavily inspired by his personal story and "definitely not a sequel" to the cult "Ch'tis" films, Dany Boon wanted to reflect on his childhood in Nord, the tenderness of this period and above all the importance of family.

This was therefore the perfect time for Tournai Mayor Paul-Olivier Delannois and municipal councillor Monique Willocq, to name Dany Boon an honorary citizen and officially welcome him to his Belgian "Ch'tite" family. The film "La Ch’tite famille" will be released in cinemas on 28 February.