Concept chocolate, more than a handmade chocolate


Every year, some 15,000 tourists from all over the world are seduced by Concept Chocolate in Schaerbeek.

Some ten years ago, Concept Chocolate took over the well-known Chocolaterie Duval. Since then, it has grown into a micro-enterprise, with a head of studio and some apprentices, but at the same time a major player in personalised chocolate. The company buildings have been modernised, with the emphasis on sustainability and environmentally-friendly consumption. For example, the master chocolatier only works with producers from those countries of origin that treat their workers with respect.


Concept Chocolate is strongly committed to a number of assets, such as tourism. Visitors from Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan are coming over en masse. During an interactive visit, they learn about all kinds of aspects of making chocolate: ingredients, origin, cocoa cultivation, the range of products, etc. If desired, they can actively work on piping and shaping in a workshop and show their own artistic craftsmanship and creativity. Those who want to see their company logo more or less moulded in chocolate, as a business gift or for some other event, no longer need to hesitate either. Personalised creations indeed form the second main pillar of the business. Finally, a stronger connection with the neighbourhood and an expansion of the range are on the agenda.