Brussels friteries get a striking facelift


Several Brussels friteries (or chip shops) will soon look very different. As of 2019, ten friteries will spring up in Brussels with modern and striking appearances. Their design comes from the Ghent-Liège architecture firm Studio Moto, which won an architectural competition.

Friteries are a part of Belgian heritage. In order to create a new buzz for the chip culture, the City of Brussels wants to replace eight outdated friteries. In addition, two new friteries will be created in separate locations. To this end, Brussels created a competition in 2017. The designs had to have their own identity, be easy to integrate into the urban fabric and be functional for the operator.

The proposal from Studio Moto made it out of 52 entries from six countries. The design stood out because of the mirrored exterior, large neon letters, and the warm coloured tiles inside.

The new kiosks will systematically start to appear in 2019. Brussels will also be the owner of the friteries. The city rents them to their operators who sign a charter of quality, hygiene, and customer service.