Brussels, focal point for culinary diversity


When a Brussels resident wants to have a good time in a restaurant, they start by asking themselves what they want to eat, but in this case don't start by thinking of a dish but rather a type of cuisine (Italian, Thai, Belgian, Mexican, Greek, etc.), because the Belgian capital offers an exceptional choice of world cuisines.

According to a recent study published by the website Remitly, our capital is at the top of the 200 cities surveyed, ahead of London and Paris, in terms of varied gastronomic choices. Here are some convincing figures: today Brussels has 3,687 restaurants, of which 2,739 are dedicated to a form of world cuisine.

With five two-Michelin-starred restaurants and thirteen other starred restaurants, the city's reputation for sophisticated gastronomy is well established, but the recent study allows it to add a jewel to its crown.

These restaurants serving world cuisine often offer a real journey to their country of origin; they provide not only a gastronomic escapade, but often also a discovery of their culture, for example a flamenco group, gypsy violinists, a fado singer, sirtaki dancers or a samba ensemble. So much so that diners can be quite surprised to find themselves on the streets of Brussels after a tasty meal.