The best whisky in Europe is… Belgian!


‘The Belgian Owl Single Malt 64 Months’ has once again been hailed as the best whisky in Europe in the new edition of the influential ‘Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible’.

‘The Belgian Owl’ is produced by the Liege-based distiller Etienne Bouillon, who back in the 1990s had the idea of making a whisky with a variety of barley which is specifically grown in the Hesbaye region.

His whisky was launched onto the market in 2004 and quickly found favour among enthusiasts, not just in Belgium, but around the world. ‘The Belgian Owl’ is proud of the fact that it was already hailed as the best whisky in Europe in 2011 and 2015.

In the new edition of ‘Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible’, the title of world's best whisky went to the ‘Yamazaki Single Malt’ from Japan. Curiously enough, none of the whiskies in the top 5 were distilled in Scotland, the birthplace of whisky.