Belgian wines become increasingly popular


The second edition of the Guide des Vins Belges (Belgian Wine Guide) has just been published. And the sector's constant progression in terms of quality has been confirmed by professional sommeliers.

In 2021, crops were affected by severe weather. The production volume was therefore lower than expected for some Belgian winegrowers, who were unable to participate in this year's evaluation of their wine. But 60 of them were able to submit almost 190 samples from their vineyards to a jury of professional tasters.

Five sparkling wines were awarded 5 stars by the guide's tasters: Ruffus Grand Millésime 2018 (Vignoble des Agaises), L'Insoumise Brut 2020 (Vin de Liège), Rosé Brut (Domaine Chant d'Eole), Cuvée Houben (Schorpion), Brut de Brabant (Domaine W).

Five white wines also received 5 stars: Brin de Paille (Domaine du Ry d'Argent), Cuvée Evasion (Domaine Coteaux des Avelines), Auxerrois (Wijndomein Oud Conynsbergh), Terre Charlot 2020 (Château de Bioul), Waes Goud 2019 (Wijndomein Waes).

Among the reds, Charles Pinot Noir 2018 (Aldeneyck) and Paradis des Chevaux 2019 (Vin de Liège) received the same rating, as did Petrus Muscaris (Petrushoeve) among the sweet wines.

Belgium may not yet be very well known beyond its borders for the reputation of its vineyards. But the quality it produces is increasingly exciting the taste buds of connoisseurs year after year. The more favourable weather conditions are undoubtedly not unrelated to the sector's increased professionalisation in recent years.

We can already say that the 2022 harvest will be of a quality rarely achieved, with a yield twice that of last year!