Belgian Whisky is the best in Europe


The Belgian Owl Single Malt 64 Months has been named the best single malt whisky in Europe by the leading Whisky Bible.

The Whisky Bible is put together each year by the Brit Jim Murray, who proudly takes it upon himself to taste all 4,700 whiskys in the world. This year there were 1,145 new ones. The best whisky in the world was the Japanese Yamazaki Single Malt Cask 2013. In the European ranking the Belgian 'Belgian Owl Single Malt 64 Months' won the title best European whisky.

The Belgian Owl Single Malt is the first ever one hundred percent Belgian whisky and has been brewed in Grâce-Hollogne, near Liège since 2004. In 2007 the first bottles were made available to the public. The single in single malt means that the golden nectar is the work of one single distiller. Due to its success, this Belgian whisky is currently only available on the market in bottles of 20cl.

“It is a genuine Belgian single malt, distilled here using one hundred percent Belgian malted barley”, explained Etienne Bouillon at the time. “We use local water that is rich in chalk and the whisky matures in the barrel for at least three years. You can taste all the goodness of the Haspengouw region”.