Belgian Tripel wins at International Beer Challenge


A brand-new Belgian beer is making the rounds in London and in the global beer community after winning a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge.

The London-based beer competition is judged by 70 jury members with a number of categories including Tripels, where Engelken (roughly translated as Little Angel) surprised all, including its brewers.

The group of five friends behind De Brouwbende (The Brewing Gang) launched their beer in April 2021. Just over a year and a half later, the small Belgian company located in Berlare (in the province of East Flanders) has gained international recognition.

The funny thing is that life works in mysterious ways sometimes. The gang wanted to try their luck in local competitions, but those were full because they were too late. So they looked to the international scene, and the rest is history.

The Engelken is not for the faint of heart: at 8,5% alcohol, it’s a strong beer, as Tripels typically are. It has hints of citrus and stone fruit. Added to that, now, is the taste of victory at the International Beer Challenge.

Did you know that their beer is named after an old brewery in Berlare, Den Engel, which closed in 1930?

If you want to taste more divine Tripels, you might be interested in the award-winning Paix Dieu, a hit among other Belgian beers that won prizes in 2022.