Into the Belgian Night


The sun's rays have become deadly for every human being on Earth. The only viable option is a plane that takes off from Brussels and flies westwards by night. On board, survivors who have nothing in common.

This is the pitch for the very first Belgian series of 6 episodes to be released on Netflix. The U.S. streaming service has broadcast Belgian series before, but this is the very first time that it has worked with Belgians on the film making and production.

“Into the Night” was created by the Belgians Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye who were supported in production by the Brussels-based company Entre Chien et Loup (Ennemi Public), which has worked with great directors such as Paul Verhoeven (Elle). There was a highly international team behind the series with actors from Belgium but also Germany, Italy and even Poland.

The series is based on the novel “The Old Axolotl” by the Polish author, Jacek Dukaj. It questions the ability of human beings to retain their humanity after such a disaster.