A Belgian gin outclasses all its competitors


The world famous Belgian blog, Gin Ur Way, has evaluated no fewer than 580 different gins and it has to be said that GauGin II, a Belgian gin containing 27 herbs and fruit from Andalusia, has outclassed all its competitors.

It was on a unique estate in southern Spain that the Belgian Paul Van den Heuvel launched an exceptional project in 2015. After brewing honey-based beer, a difficult production given that "bees do not produce to order", Paul launched himself in the creation of gin: firstly GauGin I (with orange), then GauGin II (with lemon).

For several years, in parallel to the growing attraction of consumers for this alcohol, the number of manufacturers (distillers, bars and barmen) has continued to rise. Despite certain common preconceptions, gin was invented at the end of the 16th century in the heart of the present-day territories of the Netherlands and Belgium. Therefore, it is only normal that gin is being restored to its former glory at the very place where it was invented.

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