The beer that survived the virus!


Belgium is the kingdom of beer, with several hundred brands marketed locally, nationally and internationally, so our brewing sector was extremely disappointed when lockdown was announced, and with it closures in the Horeca sector.

However, the much-loved drink does not have a long shelf life. In view of the problems in using up stocks, some brewers decided to turn their beer into eau de vie. Four Brussels breweries in the Tour et Taxis district - Brussels Beer, Source Beer Co, No Science and En stoemelings - joined forces to take up the challenge. Only this many were involved in the project, mainly for logistical and organisational reasons, although there was a desire to collaborate in the face of the health crisis, as demonstrated by the "support your local breweries" project.

Distillers describe the spirit or eau de vie as a white spirit (37.5 degrees) with an infusion of iris - the emblem of the Region, go figure -, between Peket (juniper spirit) and gin. Smells like Brussels spirit, as the newcomer is called, has been on sale in 50-centilitre bottles since 9 July in participating breweries, certain Horeca establishments (which have even created cocktails for the occasion) and specialist shops. The limited edition comprises a total of 1,400 bottles. In other words, enthusiasts will have to be quick if they want to buy this nectar.