Antwerp and its well-kept secrets


Located in the north of Belgium, with just over one million inhabitants, Antwerp is certainly not considered as a must-seen destination. The magazine Huffingtonpost wrote an article in which it makes us discover the history and the unsung charms of this multifaceted city.

Antwerp is not only known for its legendary diamond expertise, but it is also an architectural treasure, including its Central Station, whose Art Deco style earned it the title of the most beautiful station in the world.

Going back further in history, the city of Antwerp was an important crossing point for millions of people coming from all over Europe, and fleeing poverty and war for a better life in the US. Most of them were Jews, including leading figures such as Albert Einstein and Irving Berlin.

Today, the city of Antwerp is a vibrant and thriving city with a fashion scene and an outstanding design. It is indeed considered by many as the core of European fashion, being the home of the " The Six of Antwwerp ", a group of six avant-garde designers, including Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester. The city also hosts the largest concentration of design concept stores. Add to that the success of its culinary scene with quality restaurants and bars.

With a large number of universities and high schools, Antwerp is also a young and a vibrant city. The authorities do not hesitate to support start-ups and young entrepreneurs .

All this makes the city of Antwerp one of the best kept secrets in Western Europe.