1,001 sensations on barefoot path in Gouvy


At the ecological farm Ferme de la Planche in the Luxembourg town of Gouvy, the whole family's feet will be pampered during a 3 km invigorating walking experience.

Take off those tight footwear as soon as you arrive and add some air, light and freedom to your steps. Leave all your heavy belongings at the covered benches and in the lockers. The call of the path will become irresistible.

You will get a wide range of ground surfaces in front of your feet, or – even better – beneath them. Tree trunks, wood shavings, sawdust, bark, cork, boulders, gravel, shale, rocks, sand, earth, mud, humus, leaves, pine cones, grass, moss, hay, water ... each will entice all your senses. You can admire and smell the pristine and changing landscapes, listen to the silence, taste the pure air, feel your feet revive. That's what enjoyment and becoming one with yourself are all about. In between, you will regularly be stared at by horses, cows and calves, donkeys and alpacas. Because above all, Ferme de la Planche is, of course, a farm, where you can polish up your knowledge and passion for the countryside.

Every target audience is catered for. The little ones can follow the green route, those who feel man enough can go for the orange journey through a small river, while those who prefer to play it safe can stick to yellow for the time being. But don't worry, in the end everyone gets back together. On the way, you can relax with a snack at a picnic table.

We bet you'll be reluctant to put those shoes back on again!

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