100% alcohol-free gin from Botaniets is giving traditional manufacturers a head start


At the New York International Spirits Competition, the Brussels start-up won the silver medal with its non-alcoholic Botaniets in the micro-distillery gins category. So the quality of the "real" thing had to give way to the flavours and aromas of this drink of the gods.

The founder of Botaniets, Alexander Hauben, drew inspiration from the recipes and distilling methods of his great-great-grandfather when he wanted to create a fully fledged alternative to the umpteenth bland, herb-infused alcohol-free surrogate of gin on the market today. He swears by triple distillation, cold and five days at a stretch. Botaniets is made with herbal teas of rosemary, fresh ginger, cardamom and a blend of a dozen or so other herbal ingredients. The result is a stunning quality product, balanced and full of character.

Alongside the competition jury in New York, the organisers of the Belgian pavilion at the 2020-2021 World Expo in Dubai can confirm the subtle taste palette of Botaniets. The bar and the restaurant also know about this. Or 250 chefs, 160 grocery retailers, the 39 branches of the restaurateur, Delitraiteur, and 150 liquor stores in five countries, and by the end of 2021, that will be ten.

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