Belgium’s geographical location, multicultural population and history account for the country’s highly international character. A crossroads and centre of trade for centuries, Belgium has preserved the best aspects of the Latin and German cultures. As a result, it is a very modern country with a highly developed infrastructure and an excellent  standard of living.

The Belgian population is known for its productivity, loyalty, openness and language skills, and the quality of the Belgian workforce enjoys worldwide renown.

Both the federal and regional authorities are happy to advise and support foreign investors. Belgium also offers a variety of pro-business tax incentives, making it one of the best countries in which to do business.

For all these reasons, Belgium is among the most attractive regions in Europe and a leading country for investment.


6 reasons to invest in Belgium

Strategic location

Belgium is strategically located in the heart of Europe. Nestled between Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, and only a stone’s throw from the UK, it lies at the centre of the richest and most densely populated area in Europe. Thanks to its position, Belgium enjoys excellent access to Europe’s key markets and suppliers.

Excellent infrastructure

Belgium boasts a highly developed infrastructure of airports, roads, railways and ports, for instance the port of Antwerp, the second largest sea port in Europe.


Smart taxation

All commercial companies in Belgium are subject to corporation tax. Legal mechanisms make it possible to lower the nominal rate. Various tax incentives for individuals and companies make Belgium one of the most attractive places to locate and do business.

Authorities at your service

The Belgian authorities will be delighted to assist you, providing a strictly confidential service that is tailored exactly to your needs. We want to help to ensure the success of your project.  The various Belgian authorities – both federal and regional – will support you with free advice, based on a flexible, unbureaucratic and investor-centred approach.


Quality of Belgian staff

Belgians are flexible and innovative and are excellent at problem-solving. This is probably due to their high level of education and training. According to international reports from organisations such as the International Labour Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Belgian employees are some of the most productive in the world.

Quality of life

In many cases, quality of life is one of the key factors in deciding whether to set up a company or develop an investment project in a specific location. In the Human Development Report (comprising the United Nations’ Human Development Index), more than 180 countries are ranked on the basis of their standard of living. Belgium occupies the 17th place in this ranking, thus clearly showing that it is a country where it is pleasant to live.


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