Young Belgians have talents – in diplomacy too!


For the seventh time, the Belgian MUN Society delegation was recognised as the best delegation in the Harvard University diplomacy contest, which was held via videoconference this year.

More than 2,000 university students from 110 countries debated societal issues by participating in video conferences that  simulated the workings of the United Nations.

This year, the Belgian delegation of 25 young students represented the United States and India. It was a serious challenge to slip into the shoes of these two giants. But nothing could stop our talented young delegates who, in addition to their studies, learn and become passionate about the challenges of tomorrow's world.

It is a good exercise for these young people, whatever their training and future profession, explained Héloïse Lebon, a member of the MUN Society Belgium. "We have to defend interests that are not necessarily in line with our personal opinions, on a subject that is currently being debated at the UN. So we have to create alliances with countries that have similar interests to ours, draft a resolution and bring it to a vote at the end of the competition."

The advantage of the Belgian delegation was that its student members were faithful to our motto, "Union is strength". They were defending Belgium and not their university. French- and Dutch-speaking Belgians from all walks of life were fighting for their team's victory and that was their strength.

They were wonderful ambassadors for our country. If you are a young university student passionate about the challenges facing our society, join the MUN Society Belgium team.