World's largest candy cake in Waregem


World records: they come in all shapes and sizes, smells, colours and capacities. This weekend, 120 volunteers successfully built an 8.65-m tall edible pyramid of tasty sweets.

Wholesaler Ameel Candy World in Roeselare came up with an original idea to celebrate its 25th anniversary: a giant candy cake for the trade fair for candy, snacks and other sweets in Waregem Expo event hall. So many people turned up to help out that the company behind the project had to make a selection. In the end, six associations of 20 volunteers each got to work on Saturday morning to put together the various cake components.

First, an impressive 349,089 pieces of candy were stuck on tiles in a pattern using edible glue, which were then applied to large panels. At its base the structure measured 10 square metres and 9 storeys high, reaching 8.65 m! The icing on the party cake was the golden number 25. Those who wanted to reach the top had to wear a safety harness. Inside the 4,500 kg mega cake were sweets and candy in all shapes and sizes ... Just in time for the opening of the fair, phew! Afterwards, each association was given 1,500 boxes of candy to sell.

The candy cake is not officially registered with the Guinness World Records. That's too expensive. But the organisation confirmed that the current record is 3 m. Just a paltry 3 m high, can you imagine?