When it comes to security, Belgium is...


A study by the British firm Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Belgium 7th in Europe for security, with Amsterdam topping the European table.

The study considered 57 factors, grouped into four pillars: road traffic, healthcare, the criminal context and digital security.

Sixty cities were reviewed, with Asia achieving some impressive scores. Two of the top three were Japanese: Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka.

At the global level, Brussels finished in 24th position, just behind Paris (23rd); London was in 14th place. It was in healthcare that Brussels achieved its best score at global level, finishing in joint 13th place with Melbourne. For reference, the Top 10 included Sydney (5th), Toronto (6th), Washington (7th) Seoul (8th) and Melbourne (10th).

The least safe cities, according to the studied criteria, are Karachi (58th), Caracas (59th) and Lagos (60th).

Let's hope that for Brussels, the other pillars soon join healthcare and improve our ranking.