UN75 Murals: In Brussels, Mother Nature calls on the world to combat climate change.


If street art can bring about social change, Brussels is happy to support it. The interactive mural Mother Nature by Lula Goce will be the Belgian contribution to UN75 Murals and, more importantly, a sustainable manifesto for climate action, SDG 13.


Some 60 Brussels frescoes pay tribute to Belgian comics. This open-air exhibition welcomed an unexpected guest.


To mark its 75th anniversary, the United Nations measured the challenges facing the world. 1.5 million people surveyed put SDG 13 at the top of the list: stopping climate change and the deterioration of our environment. There is also a loud call to achieve the other Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Together with the non-profit association SAM, the UN decided to translate the growing desire to act into a public art initiative: UN75 Murals. They commissioned some 80 internationally renowned street artists to create a total of ten interactive murals, spread around the world, inviting all countries and peoples to unite behind the common goal of creating a better world for all.


At number 375 on the emblematic Avenue Louise in Brussels, Mother Nature's penetrating gaze invites us to look after the environment and the colourful biodiversity she is symbolically holding in her hand. It is a photo-realistic print in bright, vibrant colours by contemporary Spanish street artist Lula Goce.