A Ukrainian beer brewed in a spirit of solidarity


The Ukrainian beer Chernigivske is now being brewed in Leuven. All the profits generated by its sale in Belgium will be donated to NGOs working in Ukraine.

Anna Rudenko was a marketing manager for the Ukrainian beer brand Chernigivske. She recently moved to Belgium with part of her family, and took the initiative to launch this very Ukrainian popular lager on Belgian soil.

The AB InBev Group responded enthusiastically to the idea of brewing this Ukrainian beer in its plant in Leuven. 6,000 hectolitres of Chernigivske, which is very similar in taste to Jupiler, have already been produced. Sold in 33 centilitre cans, this brand is now available on the shelves of many Belgian supermarkets and could soon be offered in the hotel and catering sector.

Thanks to the sale of around 2 million of these cans, the Belgian brewing giant has committed to donating at least 5 million euros to humanitarian organisations working in Ukraine, such as the Red Cross and Caritas International.

The instigators of this pilot project obviously plan to produce even more cans of Chernigivske in the future to meet Belgians' thirst for solidarity.