If you wanted to try out one of the world's top kitchens, then look no further! The Jane in Antwerp is among the top 5 in the annual world rankings for the best restaurants.

The rankings were drawn up by TripAdvisor. The Traveller’s Choice prize is awarded annually to the 25 best restaurants in the world. Millions of online travel fanatics from around the globe give their opinion, which forms the basis for awarding the honour. They determine who should be the pick of the gastronomical crop.

Sergio Herman and Nick Bril are at the head of "The Jane Antwerp". The latter is in charge of the daily management and composition of the menu, which changes several times a year. It is one of the ‘best experiences’, and not only in a culinary sense! A restaurant's customer service and the dishes it serves are often mentioned as the reasons behind its success, but so is the context in which the dining experience takes place. In 2014, this gastronomical star in Antwerp established itself in the Military Hospital's former church, which was fully renovated by Piet Boon. These surroundings earned him the title of world's most beautiful restaurant in 2015.

Following a devastating fire in early 2019 and the re-opening, the two-star business' future is once again secure. This 5th place demonstrates that its guests continue to appreciate its culinary craftsmanship as much as ever, and have by no means forgotten it!