Port of Antwerp and Liège increase cooperation


For 80 years, the Albert Canal has been an important link between Antwerp and Liège for the transport of goods. Recently, both ports decided to increase their level of cooperation.

Antwerp is relying on Liège's multimodal logistics hub 'Trilogiport' to ensure that its ever-increasing freight volumes are shipped seamlessly to the hinterlands and beyond. Fourteen hours by water constitutes a more attractive alternative to the lorries that regularly get stuck in motorway traffic jams. A few extra kilometres of track by Infrabel between Trilogiport and the fixed link between the Scheldt and the Rhine would open up new opportunities for Flemish exporters to China. In addition, hydrogen, the clean energy of the future, could be produced under more favourable conditions abroad, before being transported in liquid form by water to, for example, the old Chertal steelworks near Liège, which, in turn, could serve as an ideal distribution centre. For its part, Liège counts on Antwerp's seaport for economic growth through handling operations, along with the export of sugar, milk powder, phosphates and wood.


Going forward, their mutual cooperation will focus on the further development of inland navigation and rail transport, the development of container terminals along the Albert Canal, the digitalisation of data on goods flows and modes of transport, the development of a future vision on port traffic and the regular exchange of information and good practices.