Pairi Daiza becomes an Arctic Ambassador


The foundation of the famous Pairi Daiza animal park located in the province of Hainaut, in Brugelette, has just been awarded the title of Arctic Ambassador by Polar Bears International, considered as one of the largest international organisations for the protection of polar bears.

Since late 2019, the animal park has been home to two polar bears in its new world, "The Land of the Cold". This is a vast territory that mimics the natural areas of the Arctic and Antarctic, and has been carefully designed to house these polar animals in the best possible conditions. The water in the ponds is constantly monitored and has a filtration system that does not require any chemicals. According to an expert from Polar Bears International, "The Land of the Cold" is one of the largest and most suitable areas for the well-being of these animals born in captivity. It is due to the quality of its infrastructures and the many efforts made to combat global warming in the daily management of the park that Pairi Daiza was awarded this title.

This recognition of its involvement in protecting the Arctic and the fight against climate change is encouraging. The Pairi Daiza Park continues to work to protect the environment and raise public awareness of this cause.