Our students are diplomacy champions


Our Belgian students win the World Diplomacy Championship for the eighth time!

The competition organised by Harvard University brings together more than 3,000 students from around the world each year.

Belgium was well represented, as usual, with the students of the Model United Nations Society Belgium mastering the art of diplomacy, and even being nicknamed the All Blacks of diplomacy! By taking part in conferences that simulate United Nations meetings around the world, club members develop skills such as speaking, debating and negotiating. All these qualities allowed the Belgian delegation to win the World MUN 2022.

Over the course of a week, they put themselves in the shoes of diplomats and debated various societal issues, with the aim of reaching an agreement. "You have to embody a diplomat from the country you are representing. You therefore need to be informed about this country in general and about its foreign policy in particular," explains Sophie Mertens, a law student at KU Leuven.

This year, each delegation represented several countries. The Belgians navigated between Italy, Comoros, Poland, ... and even Russia, as the war in Ukraine was a feature of this year's event.

The agreement reached by the Belgian delegation was approved by the assembly, allowing Belgium to excel once again. Next year, you may be representing Belgium, if you join the MUN Society Belgium team.