Most intelligent dog breed in the world is Belgian


The Belgian Shepherd, also known as the Malinois, was declared to be the most intelligent dog in the world by scientists from the University of Helsinki. Overall, these dogs come out as the top performers in the so-called smartDOG cognition test.

A total of 1,002 dogs from 13 different breeds completed 10 different tests. Of these, seven tests focused on cognitive traits and three on behaviour. Top of the class for most turned out to be the Malinois. In addition to his extremely highly developed sense of smell, he possesses a range of positive character traits including keen intelligence, attentiveness, courage, willingness to work, tenacity, vigilance and loyalty.

In the late 19th century, many sheepdogs of various types helped farmers and shepherds drive their flocks in our region. In 1898, the Malinois Club for the Improvement of the Shorthaired Sheepdog was founded and began selecting for the coveted traits. The colour of the short-haired shepherd was an afterthought. What was decisive, on the other hand, was the combination of appearance and capability: well-built and well-trained, spirited guard/defence and service dogs, with an excellent sense of smell. No wonder they are now trained primarily as tracking dogs for the police.

And which other breeds did well? From previous studies, it was widely believed that the Border Collie is the absolute No. 1. In this survey, this breed was placed a creditable second. The Labrador and Golden Retriever came third.