Meghan Markle promotes Belgium...


It all began with a video posted on social media by the Brussels-based dancer Jeny Bonsenge.

A few dance moves with her young student Anae, aged 9 and what a buzz. In two weeks, over 16 million views have made them stars. This would already be an achievement, but the story doesn’t end there.

The video was seen by Meghan Markle who sent it to the television personality, Ellen DeGeneres with the message “What do you think? How great is this girl?”   And then, the whole thing went wild. The two Belgians were invited to New York to appear on the Ellen Show.  During the interview, Jeny says “Together, we give hope and a very positive image of love. I think, actually, love has no colour,” before performing a warmly-received Afro-house dance with Anae.

On their return to Belgium, they were welcomed at the airport like stars. Little Anae reminded people of the message that they both want to pass on through this dance: ‘Stop Racism’. The visibility of these recent days will undoubtedly help make Jeny Bonsenge’s dance school a success, along with the charitable project in which she is involved, Dance4kids. This project aims to help disadvantaged young people in Portugal and shortly in the Congo. The small helping hand from the Ellen Show will certainly allow these wonderful projects to develop.