Mechelen becomes a European Intercultural City


The city of Mechelen becomes the 120th member of the European Intercultural Cities Programme.

This programme was launched at the initiative of the European Council to boost exchanges between different cultures. It uses a constructive approach to provide global analysis strategies for cities. Several practical analytical tools are made available to help local stakeholders in the different stages of the process.

Mechelen, a Flemish city famous for its historical and artistic heritage, is extremely diverse, with 132 nationalities and 30% of residents having an immigrant background. To join the programme, it significantly changed its image by investing in social cohesion, safety and integration.

Mechelen has carried out a great deal of work over the last twenty years and has become a benchmark Belgian city in terms of the integration of diversity. Its membership of the Intercultural Cities Programme will allow it to become more visible on the European scene.


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