Limburg company breaks world dominoes record with laptops


World records. Even the craziest ones exist, such as dominoes with discarded laptops. The environmental and recycling SME Out of Use from Beringen in Limburg is the new world record holder. And it's all for a good cause!

No fewer than 752 laptops were smashed in the Out of Use warehouse, 232 more than the world's best performance by Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. In 2018, Lenovo knocked over 520 laptops.


However, behind this seemingly fun act lies an environmentally friendly approach. It is an appeal to families, businesses and governments to not throw away their used computer equipment, but to give it a second life. First and foremost to be reused by a new owner or school children, or by recycling it into secondary raw materials. Or even by playing dominoes with it. And the good news is that the laptops survived their fall. Jens Demol, a dominoes fanatic and mastermind of the operation, helped Out of Use in word and deed to achieve this new record.


Moreover, this was not an initiative without obligation. Out of Use chose its regular partner, the nature conservation organisation Natuurpunt, as its charity. For every laptop knocked over, Natuurpunt will plant 2 m² of new forest in forest-poor Flanders, making a total of 1,504 m².


Fun plus sustainability equals a win-win record.