International recognition for Rivierenhof park in Deurne


Urban populations around the world are expected to double in the coming 40 years, from 3.5 to over 7 billion. That is why it's important to construct sufficient green spaces and parks. These contribute to public health, the environment and bringing communities together, thereby considerably improving the vitality and quality of life in and around large cities. The Rivierenhof park in Deurne knows how to go about this and received international recognition for it.

The World Urban Parks association recently organised its International Parks and Leisure Conference in Melbourne, Australia. At the event, the Rivierenhof provincial park in Deurne, Antwerp, was presented with the prestigious silver International Large Urban Parks Award for the promotion of urban parks around the world. The jury awarded the prize for its successful blending of rich nature, preserved heritage and the numerous activities taking place there. Its public approach, whereby visitors are able to join in with the life of the park, was also well received. This recognition is a real boon for the provincial authorities, who have heavily invested in the reconstruction and infrastructure along with the park director, ensuring a sustainable, accessible and readily available green area for all.

As an aside, Rivierenhof was also the first Belgian park to receive the Green Flag Award quality mark earlier this year, an originally British prize for the high-quality management of public green spaces.