Innovation award for Belgium at the world's largest technology fair


Belgium was awarded the Innovation Champions Award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, following a comparative analysis of many countries worldwide.

Held every January in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest trade show dedicated to technological innovations in consumer electronics. Of course, this international event allows the Belgian companies in attendance to enjoy a global visibility.

This year, this visibility seems even greater. Indeed, the American Consumer Technology Association, which organises the CES, presented a prestigious innovation award to Belgium during its opening ceremony. This award is based on a broad comparative analysis of current practices in different countries.

The decisive objective criteria are very varied. They aim to evaluate the reception of technologies by the Belgian authorities, environmental protection or factors such as the speed and cost of broadband. More social aspects were also prominent, such as the notion of diversity, gender relations in the workplace, and respect for the main demographic categories according to age or ethnic origin. Finally, freedom of thought and expression in the country also influenced the presentation of this award.

For Gunther Sleeuwagen, the Belgian Consul General who attended the award ceremony, "This is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the 'Made in Belgium' technological innovation that combines resources and creative thinking to find solutions to people's problems around the world."