Industrial packaging: Belgium is a pioneer


Belgium is a pioneer in Europe. It is the first country to have set up a specific body for the management of industrial packaging, Valipac, with specific legal objectives. Belgian companies and the Packaging Platform of the FEB, Beci, UWE and Voka are working hard to make the transition to more circular industrial packaging.

"And we are doing very well: today, not only is 80% of the volume of industrial packaging placed on the market reusable (3,150,000 tonnes), but Belgian industry can also boast a recycling rate of 89.4% for single-use packaging (2019 figures)," explains Ann Nachtergaele, President of the Packaging Platform.

In concrete terms, the objective is to reduce the amount of industrial packaging waste present in companies' residual waste by at least 20% by 2030.


There are several approaches. First, the best approach, to bulk buy when possible. Second, promote the use of renewable and recyclable raw materials wherever possible. Finally, improve the sorting and processing of the packaging collected through technology and innovation.

"The circular economy is a crucial pillar in the eco-transition. An essential aspect of this transition is improving the circularity of industrial packaging through safe but better recyclable packaging. The commitments we have made and the measurable objectives we have set ourselves mean that we can remain the champions of Europe. We can even turn it into an export product," concludes Pieter Timmermans, CEO of the FEB.