Ghent top city for Erasmus exchange 2023!


At a conference in Romania in April, the European Commission and representatives of various international student associations declared Ghent University the top destination to go on Erasmus.

In 1988, Erasmus was created, a mobility program enabling higher education students to follow part of their education in another EU country or in a few other European countries. Initially a timid initiative, now very popular. In total, some 12 million people have participated so far as students, or as teachers, lecturers or professors.

International students benefit from the good cooperation between their associations, the educational institutions and the city government. With the excellent reception and assistance in pressing issues by Ghent University, such as housing, this best experience has earned the Artevelde city the much-appreciated recognition of Erasmus Destination of the Year. Because finding a room in Ghent is also not obvious for international students.

Each year, Ghent University has 1,500 Erasmus students. Especially the Spaniards are strongly represented, in addition to the Poles, Germans and French. Smaller countries such as Sweden and Estonia are also clearly on the rise. By the way, the study programs still have room left and the city can also take on extra students. With the Erasmus award, there is a real chance that the number of exchanges will increase. Ghent defeated Padua, Toulouse, Valencia and Vienna in the final.