Flemish nature photographer wins 2 international prizes


Ann Coppens managed to win not one but two leading photography prizes in a single day. She claimed one of these awards for the second consecutive year. An amazing performance!

Ann Coppens has been extremely keen on nature photography for seven years already. She has successfully turned her hobby into her profession. Her assets? Capturing the animals' emotions and their personality in a single powerful image.

The photographer won the ‘European Professional Photographer of the Year’ award in the Wildlife category. Three impressive natural photos led to her winning first prize for the second year in a row. The photos were judged by the critical eye of an international jury. She also received the ‘World Photographic Cup’ for the best Belgian photo.

The winning photos all focus on animals. An elephant and a group of ducks at sunset, cranes and terns that strut around on the photos. It is not always an easy task to photograph animals. The photos with the terns involved her making a total of 11 trips to the Farne islands, off the British coast.

Fancy seeing more of her wonderful photos? Surf to her website or check out her Instagram profile.