Bernard Dan, professor of neuroscience and paediatric neurology at the ULB, received the award from the Danish foundation for his research into cerebral palsy.

The author of several scientific articles and a former paediatric neurologist at the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital (HUDERF/UKZKF), Professor Dan focuses primarily on child development, cerebral palsy, neurogenetic disorders and neuropsychology.

The winner will receive the equivalent of 134,000 euros in Danish krone for his outstanding discoveries in this field. This money will allow him to complete one of his projects: gaining a better understanding of neuroplasticity and the functioning of the brain in people with cerebral palsy. The ultimate objective is to improve their condition using customised neurophysiological stimulation.

The Danish association, also called the Elsass Fonden, is overseen by Princess Benedikte of Denmark. And it was the Princess who presented the award to Bernard Dan for his research.

And there is even more good news for the neuroscientist, as he has also been appointed honorary professor at the David Tvildiani Medical University in Tbilisi, and visiting professor to VUB and KUL!