Dubai: the Belgian view of mobility in 2050


The Dubai 2020 World Expo is underway... and Belgium is well represented. The main theme of the expo is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration among the 190 countries present.

The exhibition space is divided into three themes: mobility, sustainability and opportunities. Belgium has taken up residence in the "mobility" zone for six months. The construction of our pavilion is the result of collaboration between BESIX, Van Hout, Assar Architects and Vincent Architectures.

Cleaner mobility

The Belgian pavilion and its parabolic arch form a meeting place for intellectuals and entrepreneurs from all regions of the country with the common goal of presenting their vision of mobility in 2050. This approach is cleaner, safer and smarter thanks to innovation. Looking ahead to 2050!

Among the companies represented, Solvay will be offering its innovative solutions for more sustainable transport. Several approaches are being explored. Among the many concrete examples implemented by Solvay, let us first mention the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by replacing metal with light, sustainable materials for both the automotive and aeronautical sectors. Then there are circular solutions for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries and, lastly, the development of essential materials for hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

This list is not exhaustive, as our representatives are competing to be the most ingenious in offering us a more sustainable planet.