A cybersecurity centre of excellence in the heart of Europe


Using new private investments, Belgium is building a specialised cybersecurity hub to protect European space activities.

The Rhea Group is developing a major cybersecurity centre in Transinne, in the province of Luxembourg. Specialising in the supply of engineering and security solutions for the space and defence sectors, this company, initially based in Wavre (Walloon Brabant province), is moving not far from the European Space Agency's (ESA) European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC) in Redu.

Thanks to this geographical proximity, Rhea can become even more involved in the implementation of new cyber capabilities within this European centre by developing skills to better protect the data flows coming from satellites specialised in positioning and navigation, such as those set up by the European Union within the framework of the Galileo project.

In agreeing to the largest private investment ever made in this field in Belgium, Rhea's goal is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to a wide range of private, government and institutional stakeholders. A unique cybersecurity ecosystem in Europe is thus being further enhanced on a site that, in addition to numerous high-tech companies, also hosts the Euro Space Center.

Rhea already has 750 employees in ten European countries and Canada, and is creating around 100 additional jobs with the construction of this new 3,300 m² modular building.