A commemorative 2 euro coin for the 50th anniversary of May 68


The Royal Mint of Belgium (RMB) has officially presented a commemorative coin issued to mark the "50th anniversary of May 1968". By putting this coin into circulation, the Mint is paying tribute to the student revolt that broke out in Paris and whose shock waves were felt in Belgium.

Exactly 50 years ago, French students revolted against the politics of the time, social injustices and the Vietnam War, in a new movement that led to a general strike and a revolutionary atmosphere throughout the country. This uprising spilled over into Belgium and the whole of Europe.

The obverse of the coin issued by the Royal Mint of Belgium shows two students in front of an auditorium, brandishing a flag and a pamphlet. This side of the coin also shows mint marks from Utrecht, the city where the commemorative coin is minted, the mark of the Master of the Mint, the "BE" country code and the year of manufacture, 2018. A reference to May 1968 can be found at the top of the obverse side. The other side of the coin depicts the member states of the Euro zone, with the 12 stars and the inscription 2 euros. This commemorative issue comprises a maximum of 257,500 coins.