Charleroi, UNESCO Learning City


The city of Charleroi is now part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, which currently consists of 230 cities, including Algiers, Bonn and Tehran. The cities are spread over 64 countries.

This network aims to promote lifelong learning. For Charleroi specifically, this corresponds to a recognition of its numerous initiatives. For example, the Cité des Métiers (City of Crafts), the intergenerational policy, the integration of pupils in special education and the Children’s University. This is a wonderful recognition for Charleroi, where education and training are a priority. As Julie Patte, Alderman for Education, points out: “Contact with cities that share values, goals and practices can only strengthen our action.”

This international network allows participating cities to benefit from sharing ideas and experiences between different cities. In addition to economic development, this initiative promotes cultural prosperity, the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), especially in the education sector, and also aims to make cities “safe, resilient and sustainable” (SDG 11).

This validation by UNECSO is a real boost for all these initiatives which aim to ensure that everyone can flourish, among other things, thanks to education.