Brussels awarded for its pedestrian access


The City of Brussels has won the 11th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards for its pedestrian project in the capital's centre, managed by Jean Schollaert, the city's urban planner.

This award was presented by the ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners - Conseil Européen des Urbanistes), with the support of the Committee of the Regions. The award aims to honour urban policies, operations or development projects that help to improve the quality of life of urban and rural regions in Europe.

Among the three winning projects, the pedestrian project stood out for its aim to promote pedestrian and cyclist access in the centre of Brussels and to rethink the links between residential and tourist districts through the social and environmental upgrading of this area, and doing so by increasing the population's ownership of this public space.

The City of Brussels said that it was honoured by this award which "confirms its commitment to give the city centre back to the residents and contribute towards a better environment". In its current state of development, which includes closing roads to traffic, the project has its supporters and critics. However, we are convinced that once the large-scale urban developments are completed, the pedestrian access will enjoy universal approval.