Brussels: the 13th most acclaimed city


According to the world leader in consulting, Reputation Institute, Brussels has a better reputation than, for example, Paris or Rome. In the list of the most appreciated cities, Brussels has jumped in the space of one year from 28th to 13th position.

The study compares over 100 cities worldwide and is based on interviews with 19,000 inhabitants of the G8 countries  (Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United States, Canada and Russia). The criteria measured were trust, admiration and general impression. The study also measured 13 attributes like economic environment, culture, quality of infrastructure, administrative efficiency, etc. It is therefore not just a measure of a city's tourist attractions.

One of Brussel's winning points is its appeal to the business world, partly due to the presence of the European institutions.  Brussels is not the only Belgian city to appear on the ranking. Antwerp ranks 37th.