Better performing smartphones thanks to Belgian discoveries


UCLouvain researcher Bruno Clerckx has been awarded two prestigious international prizes - the Blondel Medal and the IEEE Fellow - for his contributions to multi-antenna communications systems and wireless power transmission systems.

We owe the speed at which we download a video or message on our smartphone in part to Bruno Clerckx, a PhD from the Ecole polytechnique de UCLouvain and Professor at Imperial College London. He developed an algorithm for improving the synchronisation of antennas and thus increasing the data rate.

Moreover, this Belgian researcher has succeeded in pushing the performance of his discoveries to the point that they are able to transmit energy wirelessly, i.e. the remote charging of low-consumption connected devices such as the temperature sensors used to regulate heat in smart homes, for example.

As a result, he has just been awarded two prestigious prizes - the Blondel Medal, an international award for research in the fields of electrical industry and science that has a major impact on society, and the IEEE Fellow, an award given to electronic engineers who have made extraordinary discoveries.

The international community is therefore rewarding a true pioneer in the joint transmission of information and wireless energy.