The best female tram driver in Europe is Belgian


The 8th European Tram Driver Championship took place in Brussels on Sunday 5 May. And the winner is... the STIB team from Brussels.

Twenty-five mixed teams from 25 European cities, including Moscow, Berlin and Istanbul, took part in the championship events. The most spectacular event was undoubtedly "tram bowling", during which a giant ball was pushed by a tram and had to knock over several pins. Another event involved stopping at a precise location and braking in front of an obstacle.  A total of six events made it possible to distinguish between the competitors.

The public turned out to watch the last day, which ended the Brussels festivities to mark the 150th anniversary of the tram, and they were not disappointed. As well as the trophy won by the Brussels duo Laurence Meert and Mesut Tasarcan, the former also won the trophy for the best female driver and her colleague finished third in the best male driver category. 

The 2020 championship will take place in Romania; don't forget to jump on board Brussels trams in the meantime!