Best European destinations: Namur ranks 7th


Internet users ranked Colmar as the best destination in Europe followed by Athens, Tbilissi, Vienna, Cascais … and, in 7th position, Namur.

In 2019, the European Best Destinations website organised a survey to elect the best destination in Europe. Budapest won and Dinant came in 11th place with 17,122 votes. The result boosted tourism by 15 to 30%.

This year, Colmar (Alsace) won and Namur came in 7th place with a total of 30,102 votes "of which 71% of votes from other countries" according to Anne Barzin, councillor for tourism.

When the city decided to take part, its goal was to increase its visibility, especially internationally. This will likely be the case given that the website describes Namur as “an incredibly charming, endearing city with the Belgian surrealism of Brussels and romanticism of Budapest or Bruges”.

Namur is the capital of the Walloon Region, located at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, upstream of which is an impressive citadel. Stroll through the old streets of the city centre and visit the Félicien Rops museum and luminous Saint Aubain's Cathedral.

You should go now, before the tourists take over the city!