Belgium ranks tenth in the world in gender equality


Belgium ranks tenth in the world in gender equality in the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is one place higher than in 2013.

Since 2006, the WEF has put together a ranking each year based on the gender gap in different countries. The ranking takes into consideration the differences between men and women in terms of earnings, access to qualified work, education and healthcare, political participation and life expectancy. The results were published in Geneva on 28 October.

In the 142 countries studied, inequality is least present in the area of health and 35 countries, including Belgium, have managed to fully eliminate gender inequality in this area.

The WEF ranking has been designed to create more awareness of the challenges of gender inequality and the opportunities created by reducing the gap. The methodology and quantitative analysis behind the ranking are intended as a basis for the development of effective measures to reduce the gender gap.

The ranking continues to recognise the strong correlation between a country's gender inequality and the national competitiveness. As women represent half of the potential talent in a country, the competitiveness of a country depends, in the long term, on how women are educated and employed.