Belgians are the happiest people in the EU!


This is according to the new survey by Eurostat. Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland are home to the happiest people!

To publish these results, the organisation asked the European population to measure its happiness according to a very specific scale. Are they happy "all the time", "most of the time", "sometimes" "rarely" or "never"?

More than 76% of our surveyed compatriots claimed to feel happy "all" or "most" of the time. The same applied to the inhabitants of the Netherlands, Austria and Finland. The inhabitants of Luxembourg (74%), Spain (72%) and Denmark (70%) followed this leading quartet. Our French neighbours only finished in ninth position, ahead of Germany and Sweden.

In general terms, 62% of Europeans claimed that they were happy, but only 14% are happy all the time. The number of happy people in the European Union has increased by 2% since 2013.

That's a good reason for them to come and take lessons in happiness in our flat little country!