Belgian wins international street art competition


Belgian Nigel Leirens has won first prize in an international street art competition for his work entitled "The Girl with the Windmills", which adorns a building in Lokeren, East Flanders.

The judges of the Street Art Cities competition, also known as "hunters", travel to some 900 cities in over 80 countries around the world in search of the best murals. Founded in 2016, this community has grown thanks to the creation of an app that allows its members, all passionate about street art, to list the works. There are currently more than 37,000 listed on the site. Each month, members vote online for their favourite work.

The 25 best works are selected for a final round of voting to choose the best street art creation in the world.

And "The Girl with the Windmills" was chosen last month. The mural depicts a black woman of African descent holding a bird in her hand, her head covered with a scarf tied like a turban. In an interview, Ghent native Nigel Leirens said he will use his talent to brighten up the streets of Aalst, his beloved adopted city, and bring some colour to the city's streets during the famous carnival.

Discover his work, including the award-winning mural