Belgian students win the Solar Challenge


In Australia, KU Leuven students have once again won the Solar Challenge, the unofficial world championship for solar cars.

The Australian Solar Challenge is an event in which specially designed solar-powered vehicles compete to cover thousands of kilometres using only the energy of the sun. The participating teams design, build and drive their own solar cars, showcasing their expertise in solar technology and energy efficiency.

This year's event was particularly demanding, with a long, difficult route through the vast Australian landscape from Darwin to Adelaide, a journey of 3,021 kilometres. The KU Leuven industrial engineering students and their Innoptus Solar Team managed to cover this very long distance at an average speed of around 88 kilometres per hour.

As a reminder, the Belgian students also won the previous edition of this competition, held in 2019.

The Solar Challenge is not just a sporting event, it also embodies the growing importance of renewable energies and sustainable mobility. The technologies developed by the participating teams are helping to promote a vision of a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly future.

By winning this competition, the Belgian team has proved that innovation and ingenuity can lead to significant advances in the field of renewable energies.