A Belgian pizza wins a European award


Every year, a reference guide lists the best pizzas that can be eaten outside Italy. And in fifth place, there is a Belgian address!

Among the criteria taken into account to establish this classification, the baking of the pizza dough, the crunchiness of the crust and the freshness of the ingredients are obviously key. But as the online guide states, this ranking "also favours establishments that, regardless of style, have a specific pizza design project carried out consistently and without following current trends."

It is in an establishment located in the heart of the Sablon district in Brussels that we can enjoy one of the best pizzas in Europe, and probably in the world. As Stefano Napoli, owner of La Pizza è Bella explains, "all the products on our pizzas come from small producers in Campania (the region around Naples in Italy), including the fresh buffalo mozzarella and the Vesuvius tomatoes (also called Piennolo) with their special flavours."

Without revealing all the secrets of how he makes his pizza dough, which he owes primarily to the know-how of a pizzaiolo (pizza maker) who worked in Naples for 30 years, he reveals that: "the pizza dough must rise for at least 36 hours, even 48 hours. Here, we prepare the dough every day so that it is ready three days later."

One of the highlights of this Italian gastronomy is the Siciliana o'Cornicione pizza, whose crust is stuffed with salted ricotta. It's a real treat!