Belgian expertise stands out in the equestrian world


As well as providing consistency at the highest level of sport, Belgian expertise ensures that our country is considered the global epicentre of the equestrian world.

With 75,000 affiliates, horse riding is one of the most practised sports in Belgium. It is therefore not surprising that many champions have emerged on the international scene over the decades, such as our Olympic and Paralympic riders who won bronze and gold medals at the last Olympics in Tokyo.

Belgium's strength also lies in the quality of its equestrian infrastructure. Because a competition horse requires high-level care every day, with electric blankets to keep it warm or cooling baths, depending on the season. These animals must be monitored in accordance with their status as fully fledged athletes.

With 70,000 registered competition horses, Belgium also attracts many high-level foreign riders (Brazilians, Mexicans, Egyptians) and many of the horses trained in Belgium are sold at a high price in other countries, especially in the Emirates, where our Arabian horses win the most prestigious prizes.

This influence relies on the 2,000 or so Belgian companies involved in this sport, which represents an annual turnover of more than 3 billion euros. All over the world, Belgian expertise can be found in feeds, care products, stables, construction projects, fencing, veterinary care and the road and air transport of horses.

Belgium represents the highest possible quality label in the vast equestrian world.